Every year we’ve tried to bring together experts, icons and overall bosses that youngsters look up to.These legends are truly changing the world one day/tweet at a time.

The reason why we put these speakers together each year is to make all of us think and think hard about the way we see things. Their inspiring journeys and experiences usually make us go “Dayum!” and we hope that you’re as much in awe of them too!


All of you youngsters reaching out with questions about creative fields, making choices or even love, life and everything in between, we hear you.We’re bringing together best of industries, people and all round angels to have conversations about these topics.Who is looking for some clarity? Come by for these, you’ll never be the same again.


Skills pay bills baby! We’re putting together a whole bunch of workshops for you to actually learn (not what you’re doing in college and spitting out on answer papers, you know what we mean?